Transformative Connectivity

We are a nonprofit telecom providing affordable broadband and investing in a movement of systemic change.

Mission Telecom is a national catalyst for enabling people-powered movements that build an inclusive, equitable, and just USA.

Who We Are

Mission Telecom, formerly trading as Instructional Telecommunications Foundation (ITF) is a 501c4 nonprofit telecom providing affordable broadband and investing in a movement of systemic change. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, we reinvest surpluses from monetizing our telecommunications spectrum resources to pursue our mission.

What’s Our Mission?

To leverage our telecom services and impact investments as a driving force for transformative social change, prioritizing inclusiveness, empowerment, and sustainability.

Transform with Telecom

A Blueprint for Change

Coming in 2024!

Connect with Purpose

Our commitment is to unite, inspire, and cultivate a nation where social good is a catalyst for positive change.


Empower with Passion

We are resolute in delivering not just technology but the means for empowerment, guaranteeing that every community and institution can flourish in an interconnected landscape.


Transform with Telecom

With unwavering dedication, innovation, and empathy, coupled with substantial investments in impactful initiatives, we pledge to to be a beacon of change, a champion of equity, and a catalyst for positive progress.

Why Us?

We're Not Bystanders.

We're on a mission to deliver innovative solutions that break barriers and champion equitable connectivity for everyone!

Impact Investing through Grantmaking


The heart of our impact work is our grantmaking.

We aim to address societal divides by prioritizing root causes which are often systemic and political in nature. This support centers grassroots organizing, policy and advocacy work with the potential to be transformative and to advance the limits of what is considered possible.

We focus our funding efforts in three strategic pillars:

Multiracial Democracy

Core support for work that builds power for a more representative democracy.


Work that puts telecom access and power in the hands of all communities.

Movement Infrastructure

Technology, Data, and Capacity – Innovation and tools in direct service of social and economic justice.

Operating as a unique ally, where technology and targeted grants collaboratively uplift communities, we foster a more inclusive and participatory society. *

Connect with us and let’s navigate your mission together.