A Partner in Your Mission

Empowering All Social Good Organizations

As a non-profit ourselves we see you, we get you! We understand your unique needs, and are committed to enabling the fulfillment of your mission.

You will see this promise reflected in our portfolio of tailored wireless broadband services and connected devices, all relying on America’s largest and fastest 5G network.*

We are launching nationwide broadband services to nonprofits, schools, libraries, and social welfare organizations.


Home or Business Internet

Laptops and Tablets with Mobile Data

Group 15

Fixed Wireless Internet

Boost your organization with fast, reliable 5G internet, offering seamless connectivity without the need for cables.

Group 16

Mobile Hotspots

Stay connected to what matters most with this premium, lightweight, portable hotspot that supports up to 30 Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Group 17

Managed Accounts

We provide a dedicated support team to manage devices, add or remove CIPA filtering, and troubleshoot tech issues.

Group 18

Connected Laptops

Ensure a seamless, secure, and high-speed connection on the go, eliminating reliance on Wi-Fi or hotspots and minimizing connectivity interruptions.

Group 19

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

We support customers with compatible devices, enabling them to switch to our more affordable and unlimited data plans and use those savings for their own causes.

Be among the first to join us!

We can offer our broadband services to nonprofits, education institutions, libraries and social welfare agencies. If you think your organization meets the criteria, we’d love to hear from you.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for Mission Telecom’s specialized services, organizations must provide proof of their active nonprofit or educational status.

We’re here to ensure that your connectivity solutions align with your mission, every step of the way.

Who we are

Mission Telecom (MT), formerly trading as Instructional Telecommunications Foundation (ITF) is a 501c4 non-profit foundation with a dual focus on grantmaking and venture philanthropy.

Founded in 1983 on the principles of catalyzing systemic change in the United States, we use the revenue gained from the monetization of our telecommunications spectrum resources to pursue our mission.

Connect with us and let’s navigate your mission together.

*Our services are delivered via the T-Mobile network, which was ranked as the largest and fastest based on the median, overall combined 5G speeds according to an analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data 5G download speeds for Q2 2023.